Kings Park, NY - It has begun.Josh Kosman, of the New York Post, broke the news late last night; a Philadelphia-based Lawyer, Andrew Barroway, is allegedly in talks to buy the Islanders from current owner Charles Wang.For those who don't know anything about Barroway he made his riches as a class action lawyer and was Head Partner of Barroway Topaz Kessler Meltzer & Check, LLP for over 17 years. He currently owns Merion Investment Management, a company he founded. His desire to own a franchise runs strong, having made bids to try and buy the Devils  last year, until financial problems within the organization caused his withdrawal from the deal. It was reported that it was the NHL who felt uncomfortable with Barroway owning the Devils, due to the fact that if they began to take "major losses in revenue", he would not be able to adequately support the franchise. Kosman made certain that Barroway's funds are in better order, and such a threat no longer exists.Barroway had also made progress in a campaign to purchase the Philadelphia 76ers back in 2011. Though it was not reported how long the talks have been going on for, nor just how serious they are,  it was said that an offer worth $225Mil had been made. The potential sale would give Barroway 75% percent of the team, leaving Wang the remaining 25%.With the move to Brooklyn growing nearer everyday, the NHL knows that they could very possibly have a cash cow in the Islanders if it is handled properly, not just any candidate with the right amount of money will get the team, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have some interest accruing.  Connor F. MoireYou can follow Connor on twitter - @CMIslesBlog